To Whom it May Concern,

Nerius of Ultimate Décor has worked in my house over a  number of years always with meticulous care and respect for the intricacies of Georgian plasterwork. He has recently restored two items of furniture, a half moon table and my mother’s writing desk. To say that he has done a superb job on these would be an understatement. His attention to detail was marked and in particular on the half moon table which had been very badly scarred and scratched,  he took it down to the grain and meticulously reFrench polished it. He did an exquisite job on my mother’s writing desk not only bringing back the tone of the patina of the desk but also cleaning up the brass art deco handles. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Senator David Norris,
May 2016

David Norris: Nerius Work 18 May 2016